• ‘Thejas’ pure premium Coconut Oil

    Thejas’ is a 100% pure premium coconut oil made with the finest copra extracts directly procured from our 30000+ member farmers in northern Kerala. From enjoying the delicious flavour that this tropical oil gives to the many health benefits you can enjoy, pure coconut oil is being re-discovered by the health-conscious consumers of today.

  • ‘Samridhi’ Organic Manure

    Samridhi Organic Manure is a part of Thejaswini’s range of organic manures. Its chemical constituents include N: 1.2, P: 0.6, K: 1.2. This organic manure improves root and vegetative growth in crops and can be used either in acidic and alkaline soil conditions. Samridhi Organic manure including crop based manures is available in 50kg, 10 Kg and 1 Kg bags at your local CPS/CPF shop.

  • ‘Thejas Beauty’ Handmade Bath Soap

    “Specially made for special ones for all occasions” Thejas Beauty with pure sandalwood and coconut oil, brings alive the ancient beauty traditions of Indian queens. Coconut oil nourishes your skin and makes it fairer while sandalwood soothes and imparts a glow. So you look every bit the queen that you are on every special occasion.

  • Jackfruit and its value added products

    The state of Kerala has abundant wealth of native fruit trees like jack fruit, Mango, Pappaya, etc. Among these fruit crops, jack produces abundant crop every year even under neglected condition. Products are available for the company like tender jack fruit, jackfruit pieces, raw jackfruit paste, ripened pulp of jackfruit, and in near future animal feed pellet from jackfruit. At Thejaswini we assure serving this fruit with its natural qualities without any chemical alterations.

  • ‘Thejas gold’ Pure Turmeric Powder

    Made with the hand- picked turmeric roots from our member farmers house gardens for that fresh aroma, which is sheer bliss…!!! Spice up your meals with ‘Thejas gold’ turmeric powder every day that brings taste and health to your food.

  • ‘Dr. Fly’

    ‘Dr.Fly’ is a non toxic product which gives 100% result against housefly. No side effects, result within 30 seconds. The product ensures total protection from housefly.

  • ‘Palmfresh’ Neera

    Palmfresh Neera is a nutritious health drink with amazing health benefits and no alcohol content. It is a sweet oyster white, translucent, and highly nutritious extract collected by slicing the spathes of coconut and palm trees. It is a sugar containing juice and a rich natural source of minerals, vitamins and amino acids. Palmfresh Neera is extracted in CPCRI technology in which no processing is allowed. Customer is getting the pure natural Neera which has only one day shelf life in refrigerated condition.

  • Coir From Husk

    Coir is a natural fibre extracted from the husk of coconut and used in products such as floor mats, doormats, brushes, mattresses, etc. Under Thejaswini, a society named Cherupuzha YCVSS is working to produce high quality coir fibre. The company is also producing the package of handmade bath soap from coir fibre.

  • Seeds and seedlings

    The company is providing high quality certified seeds and seedlings. ‘Cherupuzha Gardens’ is an organic nursery running by the company at Cherupuzha. All seedlings including coconut verities, jackfruit verities and seeds of other fruits and vegetable are available in the nursery. Contact: 9495492600

  • Future Plans

    In the second phase, the company will produce Virgin coconut oil, Desiccated coconut powder and vinegar from coconut water. The micro nutrients like Trichoderma viride and Pseudomonas applied organic manure also will market in the future. A specialized location for tourists, training centre for students, common facility centre for farmers and eco farm tourism are also implementing under the company in near future.

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